Thursday, May 21, 2009

Sickness Demonic? Caused by Sin?

"All sickness if it is demonic is controlled by the spirit of infirmity" ~ Benny Hinn

True Christians do not get Sick:
Benny Hinn
Hobart Freeman
Fred Price
Fred Price
Kenneth Copeland

Sickness is Demonic:
Robert Tilton
Benny Hinn

Mother accused in daughter’s death thought sickness was sin, former friend testifies:

A mother accused of homicide for praying as her 11-year-old daughter died of untreated diabetes believed people got sick because they sinned, a former friend and Bible study partner testified Tuesday.

Leilani Neumann, 41, is on trial for second-degree reckless homicide in her daughter Madeline’s death March 23, 2008, at the family’s rural Weston home.

Former friend Althea Wormgoor told a Marathon County jury that Neumann didn’t believe in doctors or medicine.

“Basically, you pray and do nothing but pray,” she said.

Wormgoor, who has four children, testified her family moved from California to Wisconsin in January 2008 to start a second coffee business with the Neumanns and participate in their weekly Bible studies.

But Wormgoor said by March 10, 2008, she and her husband realized they disagreed with the Neumanns about the business and faith healing.

The Wormgoors did not believe sin caused sickness. They also thought the Neumanns focused a lot on demons. Once, when one of their sons got sick, Leilani Neumann thought his vomiting was to rid his body of demons.....

This is what the Word-Faith teachers tech.
That is, sickness is typically sin (either the persons or generational) or demonic. This is bad theology which causes a deadly praxology.