Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Road Blocks

I did not catch the significance of this at first, but this cartoon catches the gist of the idea that the leadership in the Democrats body politic could care less about joining hands (“bipartisanship”) with the Republicans on the issue of the economy. We are told the economy is the main issue at hand -- obviously, the Democrats are not too worried about the economy or bipartisanship is they add these issues to a stimulus package. Trying to piggyback abortion onto the economic stimulus package is telling. It shows that radicals are on the left that wish to undermine the economic woes of persons by making the issue and ethical one as well. If the left is so persistent in weighing down economic bills with ethical items, I must recommend a book to keep us conservatives polished on their arguments. The book is called Legislating Morality: Is it Wise? Is it Legal? Is it Possible? By Norman Geisler & Frank Turek. It is a bit dated, but can offer contemporary answers once the structure of “self-refuting” statements. Another book that helps immensely in this area, one I recommend for those in university, is, Relativism: Feet Planted Firmly in Mid-Air, by Francis Beckwith & Greg Koukl.

ACORN and other organizations (Obama's ground machine) are getting money. 400 million for NASA climate change in the stimulus, 650 million for converter boxes to help for the "digital" TV change in the stimulus plan. On and on, plus Pelosi saying killing babies in the womb will stimulate the economy. The Democrats tend towards lunacy.