Monday, January 26, 2009

Priestly Hate (+ a funny ending)

I have seen this peripherally on line, but never watched the video. Dynamic (a reader...down under, under) pointed out the video and I have to say I ma floored by this. Often times I am accused of being a “flat earther” because I have creationist views (although when I debate someone on the issue they quickly break down into ad homonym attack and leave science and philosophy altogether). But I am really not a flat-earther, if I were I would expect to have a reaction like mine to this priest. Mind you, I have met a few neo-nazi’s in my day, first as a SHARPIE, but then as an inmate during my earlier life [of crime]. In jail, you were forced to associate with people you wouldn’t normally find yourself associating with otherwise.

In fact, I was able to -- many years after my major crimes and well into my faith I was taken to jail for an unpaid seatbelt ticket for about a week -- witness to a skinhead who was a religious Christian Identity adherent. There are some key witnessing points that made him reconsider his stance that I was able to introduce him to that maybe he has not been; nevertheless, where would you start with this priest? The Reformation, or his anti-Semitic views? I say that almost jokingly, but really. I bet he has some tainted views on Scripture that could be dealt with that would shake his view of history. If he has those parts of history and theology wrong, couldn’t he have this part wrong? If he has such a huge part of history wrong from merely 60[+] years ago, could you imagine how bad his biblical history would be. There is definitely an ideology driving this guy, and it isn’t Jesus or Paul’s words.

I think I must lighten up the mood and bring this back to American politics (because we Americans are truly a bit self-centered). I thought this was cute. Yes I said cute. However, I have been wanting to post this parody of Obama, I just couldn’t do so by its lonesome. So here is a great opportunity to show healing and connection between the races (if there are any biographical questions about me, the video to the right in my “about me” box, should answer these, or if you prefer to read):