Monday, January 19, 2009

Political Cults and the Left

(HotAir and Mere Rhetoric video props)

Creepy... Obama seems to be some sort of messianic figure that gets the left to make icons and move to make promises that are impossible to keep. The pledge video (directly below) is concerning to me, because really they were all making pledges to Obama? I have never heard of such a thing taking place for a Republican taking office. Its weird, and really a religion - political religion. I say this because the liberal left rarely goes to church and celebrate a personal God that expects life changes from them and commitments to Him. Which is why many on the left are “spiritual” because they connect with Buddhism or Taoism (atheistic religions). However, there is a longing for some utopian principle that can only be offered by religions that have a personal creator (Judeo-Christian faiths are the only religions that have a personal creator that created the space-time continuum), a heaven in other words.

MySpace Celebrity and Katalyst present The Presidential Pledge

Christianity says this heaven is a future event, the Left says that with the right formula it can be here, today. They iconize people whom they think were after such a utopian idea, such as Che Guevara. These people become almost religious icons that permeate the Left. However, the goals of these icons and the stated goals of the people who wear their clothing, necklaces, bags, or get their tattoos.

Beware, I see a shifting in religion becoming married closely with political liberalism. Every time this has happened in history, deaths soon follow. Especially the type of religious background Obama has been involved with (see my video in the right-hand column under my biographical info). It will be an interesting four years as I encounter the “religious” Left and their iconic worshipping of their figureheads.