Friday, January 09, 2009

Mexico Mission Trip - Prayer Accepted - Be Back Tues, the 13th

Weather Report for Ensenada, Baja Updated Today (1-8-09 - see 10-day forecast)

Jan 9 Friday

High 72 Low 45 - Partly Cloudy

Jan 10 Saturday

High 73 - Low 48 - Sunny

Jan 11 Sunday

High 77 - Low 50 - Sunny

Jan 12 Monday

High 76 - Low 51 - Sunny

(a similar missions trip photo)

My wife, kids, and I are going on a short Missions trip to a ministry in Ensenada, Mexico, called YUGO. (They also have a blog at Ensenada Outreach Center YUGO.) What is accomplished during our four days down there is a family is chosen by the ministry to have a small house built for them (very small - but better than their current living conditions). In many cases they live in abandoned cars, buses, or live under garage doors put together to create a makeshift home. The family chosen by YUGO to have a house built for them is the Reyes Pascual Family. They are currently living in Lomas Bonitas and are a family that work with pastor Juan Ambrosio.

Pastor Juan Ambrosio has said of the church body-politic that he is very happy that the “churches aren't just thinking about what we can do within our walls, but we are also thinking about what we can do in our community. This is very motivating and challenging at the same time.” I agree, even in the midst of our church's building project, we are mindful enough to keep the missionaries we support as well as peripheral missions that our church supports in mind, both financially and in prayer. You see, it just is not about the inside of our walls, but about the community we live in as well as the world community with which we contact as a body of believers.

Below is the video of the Reyes Pascual family. They are an Oaxacan Indian nationality and are one of the most discriminated groups in Mexico. It is interesting that this family does not speak Spanish, they speak an Indian dialect (although their children may speak Spanish). Unfortunately, this group is also used by Marxist ideologues in Mexico as well. There is a battle of worldviews out there, and the church is in the middle of this battle.

At any rate, enjoy the video, and if you find it in your heart, feel free to donate either directly to YUGO or our church’s projects, God Bless: