Sunday, May 06, 2007

Lifestyle Nazi’s


For the rest of the story go to Hot Air (props) and read on… very illuminating. They will force poor families to buy more expensive lights. I suggest a book entitled The Betrayal of Liberalism: How the Disciples of Freedom and Equality Helped Foster the Illiberal Politics of Coercion and Control.

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People complain about social conservatives needing to stay out of their bedrooms. But globwarming greens are fooling around in every damned room in my house. First of all it was the 1.6 gallon Al Gore toilet (last item), introduced by Federal compulsion, which accomplished in two or three flushes what the ol’ three-gallon Bemis could do in one. And even if Sheryl Crow says she was joking about the infamous “one square” advice, the family of rich green wackos in Manhattan wasn’t joking about not using any TP for a year.

And now, it’s light bulbs.

I hate fluorescent lights. They make everything look skeevy and bloodless and washed out. I can’t avoid them at work, but I like to read and live by halogens and incandescents at home. it’s a luxury, I know, but a surprisingly affordable one–especially since they’re cheaper than the fluorescent bulbs. Where I can get away with fluorescent bulbs to save energy, I do. The market sees to that.

But now the Democratic congress is going to try to mandate fluorescent bulbs everywhere. (Link requires subscription.) I guess the Obamessiah family’s ongoing light switchover that Mark Steyn wrote about is just too slow, and so Congress had to do something.

Thing is, almost every business I have entered in the last decade or so has already switched over to fluorescent lights wherever they can. It’s the standard in warehouses, factories, and cubicle farms across the country. When was the last time you saw an office lit by a table lamp? No, this one is aimed at the home consumer, who can’t be trusted to light his house in a pretty way.