Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Daily Kos Crazy Conspiracies

Little Green Footballs props

The Hamas version of Mickey Mouse, preaching hatred, death, and world domination, represents a problem for the “progressives” who idolize Palestinians as the ultimate victims. It just doesn’t seem very ... victim-ish. It seems deranged and evil, because it is, and almost anyone can see it.

Therefore, to soothe the painful cognitive dissonance induced by this intrusion of reality, they retreat into conspiracy theories. Here’s a Kos Kid that’s got it all figured out—the Mossad or somebody equally nefarious and pro-Israel was trying to cover up a World Bank report—and he questions the timing: Daily Kos: Mickey Mouse and the Cantonisation of Palestine.

At least one rational person has had enough of the “progressive” lunacy at Daily Kos: Goodbye Daily KOS.

Reading this site for the past few months has me feeling like I was reading the writings of West European communists in the 1970’s : Confidant, just, well written, scientific, moral (remember the “evils” of capitalism?) . Yet - in the view of history - utter garbage.

I came to this site with Leftist Zionist Environmentalist Pro-Peace ideology (Meretz style).

I leave it with a heavy doubt of the entire “Progressive” ideology, morals and goals.

Mickey Mouse… the Enemy?

In case you missed it, Mickey Mouse was taken hostage and after this footage of his escape he was brainwashed to be anti-Semitic, even wanting to shoot people.

Strong Language Warning