Sunday, April 04, 2010

Rick Warren & John Piper... Piper Gives Theological "Thumbs Up" -- Can We Trust Rick However To Tell Him the Truth?

UPDATE: Please, I ask that you include the comment section in your reading and understanding of this post. It is essential that you understand the back-story to this post and not simply dismiss it due to not knowing the full story of Rick Warren and why many out there (me included) are holding his feet to the fire.

As you meander through this post and its links, keep in mind that the whole premise of the emergent church is to be agreeable, at all costs. Keep in mind as well that it was Rick Warren and Bill Hybels who allowed Brian McLaren onto the main stage of American Churches... someone who denies the following:
So there seems to be some backpeddling here. How much of it is noteworthy, I cannot really say. I can say that double-talk in the emerging movement is major, and not minor. I will give two examples from the post "John Piper Promotes Rick Warren..." You be the judge. These two posts I wish to highlight here are:
A great post on Rick Warren popped up on my radar screen. First, it is heartening to hear John Piper go through some of the issues that have been bugging me ("us" -- people who are challenging the emerging movement in their churches and the magnetosphere). I may enlighten you that this is a Messianic Jewish site... a group of people that I love very much. You must keep in mind however, as you read, that there is a cultural rift (not a Doctrinal rift) between our two believing camps. I wish to thank the Rosh Pina Project for the following. It will add to my "Rick Warren" tab.

Here, Rosh Pina points out that there seems to be some disconnect with what Rick Warren tells people, and what he has said in the past:

Piper claims Warren believes in salvation only in Jesus Christ – how does he explain Warren’s comment that it takes “more than faith” to be saved? And Warren’s comments about the “test” God sets every believer?

The question becomes, then: "has Rick Warren lied openly, and publicly... causing one to question Rick's sincerity when talking to one person as compared to another?" Again, Pina:
Have a look at this video on how Warren has angered both sides of the homosexuality debate. Warren’s utter hypocrisy is enough to make any man marvel – surely Piper is aware of this?