Monday, January 18, 2010

James Cameron Anti-American Anti-Military Sentiment

This appears to be accurate. Both Ain’t It Cool News and have posted James Cameron’s full “Avatar” script. To triple-check I went to the 20th Century-Fox site and found that they posted the same script, as well. After being as careful as possible (wouldn’t want to smear Cameron like he did the U.S. Marines. NOTE for Leftist hair-splitters: former Marines), I bring you a scene written by James Cameron that was cut from the final film but serves as a glimpse at the director’s childish prejudices and mindset:

TROOPERS issue automatic weapons and magazines to a long line of mine workers. The miners lock and load like the redblooded redneck NRA supporters they are.

BLASTING TECHS are setting radio-detonated primer charges into two-ton stacks of EXPLOSIVE COMPOUND. The stacks are band-strapped together on pallets.

TRACKING WITH SELFRIDGE, staring around him in growing dismay as he walks through the full-scale mobilization. He approaches Quaritch, who is barking orders amid a hive of activity around the ampsuits.

This thing is completely out of control!

Quaritch ignores him, turning away to focus on ordnance loading.

Listen to me! I am not authorizing you to turn the mine-workers local into a freakin’ militia!

I declared threat condition red. That puts all on-world assets under my command.

You think you can pull this palace coup shit on me?! I can have your ass with one call –

Quaritch grabs him and PINS him against the side of an ampsuit.

You’re a long way from Earth.

Selfridge is paralyzed. Physical force — against him? Quaritch releases him and walks away.

Emphasis was mine…

Hmm… Looks as though those “redneck NRA” supporting miners were just as eager as the U.S. Marines (NOTE for Leftist hair-splitters: former Marines) to commit a genocide against innocents starting with a 9/11-style terrorist atrocity on the Na’Vi Home Tree which Cameron intentionally filmed to look like the attack on the World Trade Center… only this time committed by U.S. Marines (NOTE for leftist hair-splitters former Marines).

More proof that “Avatar” is anti-American? Well, maybe in Cameron’s mind those bloodthirsty mineworkers are “redblooded” Frenchman or supporters of the Scottish NRA.

More proof that “Avatar” is anti-Military (NOTE for Leftist hair-splitters: anti-former Military)? Wherever would someone get that idea?

UPDATE: A statement from James Cameron — “I regret my choice of language in the Avatar screenplay. Unfortunately, the script was locked before I could add the word teabagger.” — Okay, I made that up.

You can see the full script here. The scene above can be found on page 125.


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James Balcer, A Veteran, Says Blockbuster Film Portrays Military In Negative Light
(Chicago CBS) It's a titanic battle, and it's in the 3-D of reality: A Chicago alderman versus "Avatar."

Eleventh Ward Ald. James Balcer believes the new blockbuster movie is anti-military and anti-American.

CBS 2's Mike Parker reports.

Balcer is a decorated Marine veteran of the Vietnam war, and now he's going into battle against the film that may turn out to be the biggest moneymaker of all time. He hates the film's message, and he's not alone.

In the movie, an army of mercenaries, led by a villainous Marine, invades the idyllic planet of Pandora and goes after the peaceful blue creatures who live there over deposits of a precious mineral.

Balcer says the film makes Marines "look like lunatics." In reality, he said, "We are a good, generous country that helps people."

Balcer's not the only critic blasting "Avatar" for its point of view. There is also conservative activist Tom Roeser.

"This is the only time I ever sat in a theater where people were cheering the forest and the blue people, attacking ex-Marines," Roeser said.

Asked if the film is anti-American and anti military, Balcer said, "Well, they never mentioned America but when you have the eagle, globe and anchor -- the Marine Corps emblem -- it has to be America."

"And that's the Hollywood view of us," Roeser complained. "We are the exploiters, we are pre-emptive attackers."

Others who have seen the film were less critical.

"To me it was more talking about people's exploitations on resources," Michelle Tan said.

"It can be kind of like, liberal and anti-military, but overall, the message was more like humanitarian," Tatiana Favelevic said.

The film critic for the right-wing Weekly Standard calls the film "blitheringly stupid" and among the "dumbest movies I've ever seen." Others have attacked it for its super-environmentalism and what is perceived as an anti-Christian slant.