Wednesday, January 06, 2010

All Teabaggers White?


It is with the authority of knowledge that is MSNBC’s Chris Matthews that he declared of the ‘teabaggers’,
Here’s a news flash for ya, Chris… my son and I were there, as were many other black people. Maybe your crack staff at MSNBC failed to show you these pictures I (a black man) posted on September 12, 2009.

Sorry about having my back to you, Chris, but I was covering the event for my site and the New Media Alliance.

But tell you what, Mr. Matthews. I know a few of the black people who attended the 9/12 Tea Party on The Hill, including some of the ones who SPOKE AT THE PODIUM! I guess your camera people missed them as well.

If you wish, we can meet with you on Hardball at a time of your choosing and you can call us all-white teabaggers to our faces.