Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Sharia Law In America -- Man "Consumates" Marriage with 14-year Old (LR Import)

Islamic views of womanhood can be viewed almost in the "hate-crime" genre.  While I hate hate-crimes, the religious view of women in sharia law settings is a hate-crime.  I doubt we will see this extra law tacked on... unless this was a christian-white-male.

Sharia Law Comes to America's Heartland

by Clifford Thies

Isn't it time for Muslims to do something about their Radical Co-Religionists?

A 23-year old American man, a convert to Islam, was charged with statutory rape for his so-called marriage to a 14-year old girl, in a deal arranged between him and the girl's immigrant Muslim stepfather. According to the two men, they did it all according to Muslim tradition, with the prospective husband paying the proper price. The purpose of the marriage was to prevent the girl from becoming sexually-active. The two men consummated the deal at the mosque they attend. The girl was not present. The 23-year old man then repeatedly had sexual relations with the girl.

From the Kansas City Star, Nov. 9:

Vincent Mosby signed a marriage contract and paid a dowry in a religious ceremony in August, police said.

Mosby, 23, of Kansas City didn’t legally wed his 14-year-old bride, however, because Missouri law won’t allow it without a judge’s order. Police said she was pressured into the union because her mother and stepfather thought she was going to be sexually active with a boy her age.

Although the bride’s stepfather arranged the “marriage,” according to court records, other relatives frowned upon the union and told police in late August. The relatives also took the girl to protect her from further sexual abuse, according to court records.
The practice of Muslim men marrying girls as young as 8 or 9 is common place in certain parts of the Middle East. Unfortunately for the two men, this isn't Somalia, Sudan or Gaza; This is the U.S. state of Missouri where a judge has to approve marriages involving 14-year old girls.

Perhaps it may come as news to these two men, but here in America, we don't believe in having sex with children, we don't sell or barter females like cattle, and slavery was outlawed over 150 years ago.

Oh, another thing, the American Muslim-convert denies that it was him who shot three times at the home of some of the girl's maternal relatives who disapproved of the so-called marriage. Why should women think they have any say in a deal brokered by men?

If I were a Muslim, and I am not, I suppose I would think that stories such as this would give a bad impression of my religion; well, unless I were really wacko myself. At some point, loyalty to my co-religionists has to be subordinated to loyalty to the greater good. Such conflicts are never easy to resolve. The use of mosques by radicals, the condoning of the practices of Muslims in backward nations, including in particular the subjugation of women, and not cooperating with law enforcement in the war on terror, these things make Islam look like a primitive, tribal-based animist religion.

Muslim immigrants, and even converts like Mosby need to learn to respect our culture and our long-established traditions and laws. If they don't they've got two choices: Go to jail for a very long time, or get the hell out of our country.

(H/t photo Creeping Sharia)