Friday, August 28, 2009

Where is All the Outrage I Read from the Left During Bush?

(Import from the Political Lizard)

Eric Holder and the Obama Department of Justice are quickly losing credibility with the American public. In the not so distant past the Democrats railed against the Bush administration for politicizing the Justice Department. The Democrats ran Alberto Gonzalez out of town. Democrats hammered away at Bush and Rove for firing prosecutors. Now we see that Holder and Obama are one sided in their view of justice and politicizing the Department is becoming the norm.

Holder has dropped prosecutions against Obama supporters and investigate alleged improprieties by the Bush administration. Last week Holder announced that he will have a special investigator for the alleged abuses of terrorist detainees. This week Holder dropped charges of “Pay to Play” schemes by Bill Richardson. Under Holder the justice department has dropped cases against “black panther” thugs for intimidating voters; yet demands investigations for CIA employees doing their jobs. Obama fired Inspector Generals for investigating and being critical of Obama donors, yet the same Obama derided Bush and Rove for firing prosecutors who were not investigated cases of Democratic voter fraud. Justice in other words is only half blind.

Justice only turns a blind eye when it is Democrats that abuse the laws and commits crimes. However, Holder and Obama Justice never turns a blind eye when it is a Republican that is accused of misdeeds. The latest news from the justice department shows the sad state of affairs that has become our justice system. Both parties have abused the system of justice and are guilty of politicizing justice. This my friends is not change but rather more of the same. Same politicians, same corrupt cronies, same crimes, the only thing different is the political party.