Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Informal Debate -- Hear the Strengths of Theistic Arguments Shut Down a Leading Atheist

In Defense of Theistic Arguments: Craig, Dennett & McGrath MP3 Audio

This is not a formal or informal debate. This is a formal philosophy conference exchange in which William Lane Craig, Daniel Dennett, and Alistair McGrath were attendees. In this audio, William Lane Craig delivers the primary lecture (45 min) defending Theistic arguments against criticisms by Daniel Dennett. This is followed by responses by Daniel Dennett (15 min) and Alistair McGrath (5 min).

One commentor at Apologetics 315 says this:

Dennet's response amounted to this: Yes, Dr. Craig, your arguments are logically airtight and your premises are plausible, but that's not good enough anymore! If science has taught us anything, it's that our intuitions about plausibility aren't reliable.
True Dat!

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