Friday, June 19, 2009

People Are Ready to Die -- Obama Eminates Positivity

The below is taken from The Spirit of Man

I may die...

This is a brief letter written by an Iranian woman who is going to attend the anti-regime rally tomorrow:

I'll participate in the rally tomorrow in Tehran. It might be violent. I may be one of those who will die tomorrow. I want to listen to all beautiful tunes that I have heard in my life, again. I want to listen to some cheap Los Angeles made Iranian music. I always wanted to have much narrower eyebrows too. Yeah, I'll check in with my hair-dresser tomorrow before I go to the rally. Oh, there are some excellent scenes in the famous Iranian movie Hamoon I want to see before I leave. And I gotta re-visit my own bookshelf. Shamloo and Farrokhzad's poems are worth re-reading. I've to see the family photo albums once again.

I'll have to call my friends and say good-bye to them. In this big world, my possession is only two bookshelves. I've already told mom and dad whom to give these books if I never come back. There are only two more courses left for me to get my BA degree but to hell with the degree. I'm anxious and excited. I wrote these scattered words for the future generations so that they know we were not sentimental or uselessly emotional.

I'm writing this so they know we did every thing in our power to make this work for them and so that they realize if our forefathers surrendered to the Arab and Mongolian invaders but they didn't give in to their tyranny. They resisted it. And I wrote this for tomorrow's children...

Source in persian

Updated @ 3am ET: Iranian regime supreme dictator Khamenei will be leading the Tehran's Friday prayer in a few hours. Today is the 'Make or Break' day for the people of Iran and the regime. I can't see Rafsanjani, Khatami and Karoubi among the VIP row.

Updated @ 4:35am ET: Listening to supreme dictator Khamenei's speech on CNN now. So far he is appealing to the nation to calm down. Yet he knows, by examples he gave from Islamic history, that his regime is under pressure. Though I admit he sounds confident. (Maybe he knows Mousavi is not a direct threat to his own existence and he's certain he can find a way to settle this down with him). 4:39 am: He's appealing to the hidden 12th Imam. The first sermon was VERY SHORT. 2nd sermon just began. 4:41 am ET: There he goes. Exaggerating... LoL. He is trying to say every vote people did cast was a vote for the regime (that's why people should not participate in regime's political games). And now he's slamming "Democracies". This man is no democrat. He is an evil murderer.

4:48am ET: He just recognized the riff between the factions (Which is not new. We all knew it). He's now claiming the election as a victory for the regime again. What's a religious democracy?

4:51 am: god bless the enemies of Iran. What would mullahs do without these so-called enemies? LoL - And now he's talking about lack of trust in regime among the people. And he knows people mistrust him and his dictatorship. He acknowledges that people don't trust him and his minions. And now he says a regime that has lost the trust of its people is a goner. 4:55 am: 3rd point of his sermon is about the 'robust debate' among the candidates. 4:56 am: Khamenei just called the media 'dirty Zionists'. And now he's defending Ahmadinejad. He called him 'trusted'. And now he's praising the candidates as part of the Iranian regime's establishment. He says they all belong to the regime. 5:02 am ET: Khamenei is slamming the Zionists, tricky Americans and dirty Brits. He is also openly admitting to the infighting within the regime. Khamenei is not addressing any of the opposition's problems so far. 5:05 am ET: He is now saying indirectly that the "DEBATE" should not last any longer. Khamenei said if it lasts any longer, it will result in 'hatred'. 5:12 am: Khamenei criticized the emotional charge of the TV debates. He's blaming both camps for the ongoing problems. But he's now defending Ahmadinejad openly. He is also defending Rafsanjani but he just left the door to investigate the corruption charges of Rafsanjani's family.

5:16 am: He admits to several differences between himself and Rafsanjani. He just picked the side of Ahmadinejad against Rafsanjani. People shouting : "Death to anti Velayate Faghih people". 5:24 am ET: Khamenei says there was no vote rigging. He says there's no way 11 mln votes were stolen or faked. And now is calling for legal ways. He just said he won't budge to 'illegal pressure'. He announced he won't approve 'illegal challenges' either. This is an ultimatum to the protesters.

5:28 am: Khamenei is now threatening the political figures. Khamenei is now warning the opposition that they'll be responsible for violence and bloodshed if they go farther. 5:34 am ET: Now calling protesters 'terrorists'? Khamenei wants an END TO STREET RALLIES & threatened the protesters with more consequences.

5:37 am: Khamenei said budging under pressure is dictatorship. He is again threatening the heads of the opposition. He says people should try the 'kinder' way and saying if people go another way, then I'll be more blunt. 5:41 am: He's now taking a jab at the US and EU governments. I think he's trying to link the protests to the foreign governments now.

5:50 am et: Khamenei is saying Iran is no Georgia and there'll be no velvet revolution in this country. Now giving food to the stupid leftists in the western world... saying Iraq war is against human rights. Now criticizing Hillary Clinton and her husband for Waco incident. Khamenei says the Iranian govt is the defender of 'human rights' around the world. 5:51 am ET: He is now basically saying that he is willing to give his life to defend the revolution & Islamic state.
My gut feelings: I predict Tiananmen Square in Iran