Tuesday, June 23, 2009

John Voight Gives Reasons Why He Became a Conservative

Hollywood's Jon Voight in an interview with Glenn Beck and talks about his reasoning from turning from a 60’s liberal to a conservative:

Actor Jon Voight makes a stunning admission to Glenn Beck last night on Fox. Voigt described the moment he switched from liberal non-interventionist Anti-War activist, to Conservative Pro-Freedom Fighter.From NewsBusters:

And then I saw the end of the war. I saw us pull out, and then I saw the communists move in and slaughter 2 1/2 million people in South Vietnam and Cambodia. And I saw the left that had precipitated this turn away, just walk away from it. ... They didn't take seriously the blood that they had been directly causing. And it didn't – but I must say programming is very, very deep. And I didn't really pull out of it for quite a while afterward. But that's where the dime

dropped and things started to happen. And then I , you know, then 9/11, of course.
Voigt said at the time he was "surrounded by Marxists," and Hollywood Liberals, and couldn't fathom their utter silence on Cambodia.