Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Who Is Classier and Funnier -- Conservatives or Liberals (Social Experiment)

I thought this was a good idea for a post over at Black-5

Humor from Liberals: here and here

Humor from Conservatives: here, and here

Who is the classier act? And who is funnier? You be the Judge.

(I submit that the current President of these United States can be pretty funny when he wants to be.... We'd do well to remember that not all of Life is a Socialist train wreck in slow motion, and laugh at ourselves when the opportunity presents itself.)

So yeah, I thought he was funny mostly, and even when he did take a couple of cheap shots, I don't begrudge him that time....even he deserves to relax and unwind.

But we all know who is the funnier, more genuine, and bigger Man in the room.