Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Flag Flap and Kooks Update -- Pfleger Flying Flag Upside Down

I have posted on this before, this being upside down flags and anti-Americanism that closely followed Obama:

Remember... when Obama's pastor was on Hannity and Colmes he told us to read James Cone, so I did, there is an interesting part which reads:

"It is dangerous because the true prophet of the gospel of God must become both 'anti-Christian' and 'unpatriotic.' (55) …. Because whiteness by its very nature is against blackness, the black prophet is a prophet of national doom. He proclaims the end of the 'American Way...'" (56) ~ James Cone, A Black Theology of Liberation (A book sold in Obama's church the entire 20-years he attended).
So here is an update of some recent stuff:

Why does this matter? Rev. Michael Pfleger was a guest speaker at Obama's church, and met Obama at times... just another Anerica hater to add to his long list. Here you see Father Michael Pfleger "preaching [hate] from Obama's church's pulpit.

Here's Pfleger meeting "great minds" of racism:

What can be added. A slew of ant-Americans have spoken at Obama's church. Not to mention all the Black Panthers (sorry, The New Black Panther Party -- seen below) that "grace" Obama's church while he was a member.