Monday, March 23, 2009

Big Project at Home -- Tile

I will not be blogging for a while... we are putting in tile. At first we were going to do the entire condo, however, we are going to do everything but the bedrooms, and do those at a later date. After we get all my books back in the condo, we will do one bedroom at a time. Some of my books are permanently packed up, others are going to come back in.

Almost all of my books packed up. Any book cases one sees out here are staying out here.

Yes, lots of work, and those are not light boxes.

Palet of tile and some more books, DVDs, and a shelf that stays out of the condo (my wife has had enough! She want some space back).

Book Case and boxes of books.

These book cases are staying in, and are almost completely empty.

Ditto... the couch bed is out because we get our nephews every weekend.

This will have to be unplugged temporarily as well.
(No Kimba, that is not me.)

Linoleum is a product from hell! We are prepping the kitchin this weekend.