Thursday, December 25, 2008

Not Even a PEEP!


Last night I was at a Christmas Eve party, a close friend and I like starting conversation with one of said friend's cousins who is a big union fan. We made the case that the unions have put the big three out of business.

The response was that it was the government with its forced green standards, MPH regulations, excessive safety standards, and other interventions -- that really wrecked the auto industry. I pointed out that almost all the things he mentioned, the coming forced hybrids, the current green regulations, the MPH regulations, and the like are typically all things from environmental groups (who are in bed with Democrats), or from Democrats themselves, as they are typically union supporters and visa-versa. Auto companies in non-union states (Nissan, Toyata, etc.) pay well and employ more Americans than the big-three because they do not adhere to the regulatory marriage of leftist government and union activity.