Thursday, December 11, 2008


This is a story that hit the talk shows this week, and it is one that I fall on the doctors summation near the end, who said his death would not have been worse. However, that being said, how would we as a society stop this man from -- by choice -- killing himself. People who are not paralysed or deathly sick walk across a bridge and jump. Is there a way to stop them? I think we should always make life the ultimate goal, but the abuses that come with how one defined life that is free of pain, suffering, and meaning is a route tried by many socialist/Marxist regimes.

For instance... when the "health of the mother" includes a child (in utero) having a cleft palete, then we can see the nihilistic nature of man's slippery slope.

Caution, do not watch this video is you are easily shaken. I teared up because you are watching a man so wraught with grief that he has chosen to kill himself... in front of his family.