Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Laying Down the Gauntlet!

President Bush just laid down the gauntlet! He mentioned both military aircraft and military vessels will be bringing humanitarian aid to Georgia. The vessels statement got me thinking, I will post a small portion of why I think this is key as stated in this article:

Russian military jets have bombarded and destroyed the Black Sea port of Poti, the Georgian Foreign Ministry has claimed in a statement.

"Russia completely devastated the port of Poti on the Black Sea, which is a key port for the transport of energy sources from the Caspian Sea and is close to the Baku-Supsa pipeline and the Supsa oil terminal," the Saturday statement said.

Reuters also reported on Saturday that two Russian military jets bombed a Georgian artillery position about 10 kilometers north of the Georgian town of Gori, which locates the main Georgian military base.

In other words, we will have military ships pulling up in the Black Sea for “humanitarian” purposes. I am sure there will be U.S. and Russian subs tracking each other in said sea as well. Again, this is a big move, bold move.

A side note: what is going on in the Middle-East is fitting well in eschatological studies. “Armageddon” is being set up well for now. While no man knows the day (Matt 24:36), but we will know the season and have signs generally of that time (Matt 24:32-42 – in context). In almost 20-years of studying this (first in a dorm in Medium South at Pitches “honor” Ranch [e.g.-jail]), the events Happening now with Iran and Israel, and America (NATO) and Russia are the most signs I have seen in quite some time. For those interested in this subject, I highly recommend a couple of sites:

(watch your volume level on this last site)

A quick video making some point: