Friday, November 30, 2007

Bush and Our Sovereignty - Sea Treaty

Law of the Sea Treaty


The $ Quote:

“If Dan Rather is for it, and Ronald Reagan was against it… it’s a no brainier, I am against it.” (in one of the videos to follow)

One should know this is one of many reasons why conservatives generally give Bush low ratings. It is because he is a big-government bureaucrat; otherwise know as a neo-con. I have pointed out in the past that the neo-cons have their ideology founded in the social ideals Theodore Roosevelt and Tony Blair, but have the foreign policy stance that John Quincy Adam’s and Margaret Thatcher held to. Which is why their fundamental ideas are likely to survive changes of control of the White House, Clinto was a neo-con just as much as Bush. Neocons are almost Keynesian in their economic outlook, much like liberals; and they are very left when it comes to the power and growth of government. So when I hear a Democrat or Liberal make the dichotomy between “conservative values” and George Bush’s growing of government, I simply note this person has no clue in regards to the political philosophy that drives neo-conservatives. And the “Sea Treaty” proves this disparity.

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