Sunday, February 11, 2007

Getting It Wrong Again

Some End Time Rants!

I have said for years that recent evidence shows that the “Holy of Hollies” was not where the Dome of the Rock is (where the Muslims think it was/is... NOT) . With the recent clashes in Israel over an excavation by Hebrew Archaeologists (hopefully at some point uncovering the Arch of the Covenant, or the Candelabra, and other holy artifacts), I am sure they are getting new evidence for the exact position of the Jewish Temple. I have also said that it may be possible to rebuild this temple alongside the Dome of the Rock… which would allow the Jewish nation to resume the sacrificial killing of the lambs for the remission of sin, which hasn’t been practiced since the destruction of the temple by the Romans in 70a.d.

There is an eschatological twist to this of course. The figure that may broker such a peace treaty would be none-other than the “Man of Perdition”. Or so this is how I see it. Another possible event is for the Dome to be blown up by a radical fringe of Islam, like the Golden Mosque in Iraq. At any rate, the resumption of the sacrificial killing of the lambs is something Jews have been waiting for many centuries, and the work of Jewish scholars and archaeologists are making this come to fruition sooner rather than later.

Take note that there are three big “prophecies” that must be simultaneous as the sign of the “Final Battle” and the return of Christ, this resumption of the Jewish sacrifice is one of them, the only one that isn’t in place. And unlike the Islamic view of the coming Messiah, we do not have to create WWIII, or kill any particular race of people (here speaking about the Islamic and the Left’s hate of the Jewish people) to have this Messiah come again. Nature and mankind will just roll that way and He comes to stop nature and man from doing these things, which is the opposite of what the Islamic messiah is coming for.