Thursday, March 19, 2009

"Pee-Pee Miracle" -- The False Miracles of Dunn and Crowder

I am waiting for a reply in regards to this "miracle" from a medical doctor that goes to our church, I will post his reply when it comes.

Here is the promised correspondence with a friend who is a Professor of Medicine, well, I will let him say who he is:

I asked this question:

The question is this: what would happen to a person if they couldn't pee/urinate at all for 6-months? I know, it sounds odd, but so is the movement I am blogging about.

Hi Sean,

... with regards to your first question - if someone doesn't urinate for 6 months usually they are dead. The bottom line is - they either have a urinary outlet obstruction or their kidneys have completely failed and make no urine at all. In the former case, obstruction will lead to renal failure due to the increased back pressure on the system. Anyhow, without intervention - renal failure and inability to urinate will lead to volume overload in your entire body as well as multiple electrolye abnormalities the most common is elevated serum potassium which often leads to fatal cardiac arrhythmias. I hope this helps.

My title is "Assistant Clinical Professor of Medicine, UCLA".

UPDATE: Caution, this video has a language warning, but I couldn't pass it up (I know, its the heathen in me).